The results are in, and Kasey Tyndall's foot stomping anthem 'Bar That's Open' held strong for a fourth straight week of KICK It or Keep It!

Kasey Tyndall vs Alexandra Demetree results

Alexandra Demetree fell short of winning KICK It or Keep It, unable to overcome the juggernaut that was Kasey Tyndall. Tyndall claimed her crown as a four time KICK It or Keep It Champion. earning a permanent spot in our rotation, and entry in the Breakthrough Artist Hall of Fame. That means next week we'll have a new challenger, and a past Breakthrough Artist filling the Second Chance slot. Find out who our new competitors are on Monday at 9:15am.

And let's not forget that even though Alexandra Demetree is gone this week, she could come back in a Second Chance slot later this year.

Here is your victor, Kasey Tyndall with Bar That's Open.

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