The results are in, and Jade Jackson's ballad 'Finish Line', who won last week as a Second Chance artist, couldn't hold on against Jillian Jacqueline, who won her first week of KICK It or Keep It!

Jade Jackson vs Jillian Jacqueline results

While Jade Jackson made a strong showing last week to become our first Second Chance artist to win KICK It or Keep It, her ballad just couldn't keep up with Jillian Jacqueline's bouncy ode to breakups, pushing her to a second week in competition with a new challenger. Find out who Jillian Jacqueline faces on Monday at 9:15am.

Unfortunately with second chances, there's only one, so this is the last we'll hear from Jade Jackson's Finish Line. Should she release another song and chart with it, we'll be championing it all the way to number one.

Here is your victor, Jillian Jacqueline with Reasons.

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