Kelsea Ballerini and Halsey's episode of CMT Crossroads drops in full on Wednesday night (March 25), and it'll feature a jam-packed set of duets, covers and more. The episode was taped in front of a live audience at downtown Nashville's Ascend Amphitheatre in October of 2019, and fans have already gotten peeks at a few of the songs in the setlist.

Watching the pair perform songs including Ballerini's "Homecoming Queen?" and Halsey's "Graveyard," they look cool, calm and collected onstage -- but, actually, the hours leading up to the performance were pretty stressful. During a recent Instagram Live event, Ballerini and Halsey remembered waiting backstage before the show, worrying that the event was going to get rained out.

"We'd been rehearsing for days and we were so nervous, and it started pouring rain," Halsey recalls. "We were terrified we weren't gonna be able to do our Crossroads, and there was a giant crowd hanging out."

It was pretty touch and go before the show -- so much so, in fact, that the two artists had already come up with a contingency plan: "The electronics can't get wet in the rain, but we were gonna at least get together and do some acoustic songs for the crowd," Halsey shares.

"[Ballerini] was like, 'Do you wanna do a shot of tequila?' We were planning on doing two songs and going home; we thought it was canceled. So we took these gigantic things of tequila," Halsey continues with a laugh.

"We were, like, hugging backstage. And then somebody came back and was like, 'We're gonna do [the full show]!'" she adds. "We looked at each other like, '... Oh. We are? Good thing we drank all that tequila, then.'"

And so, Ballerini and Halsey ended up doing their CMT Crossroads taping while ... well, just a little tipsy. "I remember walking out onstage thinking, 'This is not how I wanted this to go! I'm drunk,'" Halsey admits.

Fortunately, it all worked out in the end: The pair got to do their full performance, and they nailed it. Ballerini and Halsey's full CMT Crossroads episode airs on CMT at 10PM ET.

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