Though her new show, I Love Kellie Pickler, depicts the singer and her husband’s loving marriage, even Pickler is not immune to the little things married people do that bug each other. In her case, it’s her husband’s snoring.

Pickler appeared on Ellen last week (Nov. 10) and dished about the thing that drives her the most crazy about Kyle Jacobs.

“He’s a lot better sleeper than I am, and he snores,” she reveals. “I have insomnia, and I’m up like all hours of the night, and I get jealous that he’s asleep and he’s snoring."

Host Ellen DeGeneres prodded a bit more, asking Pickler if she wakes up her husband when he’s snoring. “Oh, absolutely!” the singer exclaims.

Then, the conversation gets a little more interesting, as Pickler begins to tell the audience what she’s tempted to do to put an end to the snoring ... but stops herself.

“I don’t know if this is television appropriate, but,” she starts, “I’ve literally like, threatened … I don’t know if I should say this or not."

After a few promises from DeGeneres that if it’s too inappropriate, it will not air, and some urging, Pickler finally dishes.

“I’ve threatened to, like, ‘If you don’t stop snoring, I’m gonna put a tampon in your nose,’” Pickler reveals. “Is that bad?"

The audience bursts into laughter, and DeGeneres concludes that it will definitely make it to air. To see the full hilarious interaction, check out the clip above.

Pickler’s new reality show airs on CMT Thursdays at 10PM ET. In addition to releasing a new single this summer “Feeling Tonight," the artist has been busy with several projects, including a daytime talk show with Faith Hill.

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