Kane Brown's new single "Leave You Alone" finds him once again leaning into a portrait of himself as country music's most committed lover. Fans of "Worship You," "Good as You" and "Heaven" will appreciate the singer's mood and melody.

The first verse of "Leave You Alone" alludes to a disagreement between the singer and his lover, but there's nothing about the tone that follows to indicate it was inspired by an argument, or even meant to squash post-fight regret. When he says, "I know sometimes we have differences," Brown seems to be speaking in generalities instead of giving fans any insight into his real love life, or that of co-writers Jordan Minton and Jordan Schmidt. The ballad is truly a song of affirmation from a man who has not yet missed an opportunity to single out the way he feels.

Talking to Taste of Country Nights prior to the 2022 ACM Awards, Brown said that he hopes "Leave You Alone" further convinces fans that his next album will reflect his country influences at the expense of some of the influences and out-of-genre collaborators he's used before. While it's not quite country like George Strait did it, the song stays true to the format's values. '90s R&B or '80s rock power ballad vibes define this song as much as the organic instrumentation, primarily a strong acoustic guitar. It's also much more of a vocal showcase than most of his singles.

Did You Know?: Kane Brown chose "Leave You Alone" for his performance at the 2022 ACM Awards in Las Vegas on March 7.

Kane Brown's "Leave You Alone" Lyrics: 

I know I don't say you're beautiful enough / But that don't mean it ain't on my mind / And I know sometimes we have differences and fight / But I hate when I see you cry / And if you're ever worried I got one foot out that door / I can promise you right now, baby / My love won't leave you alone.

Just so you know / When I say forever girl, I mean I'm never ever gonna do you wrong / And I won't let you go, talkin' us growing old / Here's to us 'til dawn, we'll be going on and on / Baby, my love won't leave you alone, no.

Just like that red wine stain on the carpet / Yeah girl, I ain't goin' nowhere / And kinda like your favorite jeans with the hole in the pocket / Wherever you go I'll be there / 'Cause my love won't leave you alone.

Repeat Chorus

And I don't know what life will look like 50 years down the road / But you can count on me being right here / 'Cause my love won't leave you alone.

Repeat Chorus

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