Kane Brown and Grammy-winning R&B singer H.E.R. have released a new song, "Blessed & Free," as well as an accompanying music video.

"Blessed & Free" is a mid-tempo self-affirmation anthem incorporating aspects from both of the musical genres each artist represents.

"As long as my eyes still see / As long as my heart still beats / As long as I’m alive I’m free / So I don’t count on nothin’ / Don’t ever stop runnin’ / I ain’t hurtin’ nobody / So just let me be / I got good intentions / I don’t need your blessings / Yeah I’m already blessed / Yeah I’m already blessed and free” the pair sing in unison on the hook.

The video — shot in black-and-white — is minimalistic, focusing on the artists as they perform the song. The duo are shown in various simple, but artistic settings.

"I think it’s cool with what we’ve had so far, with just the room with all the mirrors, I think that’s a really dope look," Brown says in a video posted to his Facebook page, in which he and H.E.R. discuss the music video.

"The video, it feels really good. The chemistry is there on the record and I think you’re gonna feel it even more," says H.E.R. "What I like it is it’s really an internal thing. You kinda see us going through this thought process and kinda going through these highs and lows."

Though H.E.R. is known for being an R&B artist, this isn't her first foray into country music. She recently performed at the CMT Music Awards with Chris Stapleton in a duet that left the audience buzzing.

Alongside the release of this song and video, Brown has announced the Blessed & Free Tour, which will kick off on Oct. 1.

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