Jimmie Allen says he's "starstruck" to be going on tour with Carrie Underwood this fall. The 43 venues they'll hit on the Denim & Rhinestones Tour should be prepared for his manageable, but unique tour rider requests.

A tour rider is a list of an artist's requests and necessities for the concert. There are technical requests (number of guitar plug-ins, microphones, etc.) and hospitality requests. The latter category used to make news with regularity when websites like the Smoking Gun published artist tour riders. Rock band Van Halen, for example, requested all brown M&Ms be removed from the several large bowls of candy for them (read singer David Lee Roth's surprisingly reasonable explanation at Ultimate Classic Rock).

An artist will list his or her favorite beer, water, snack food and supplements by brand in most cases. This makes things a little easier for the shopper, too — remember, this person is, in some cases, picking up necessities for a group of travelers that have no time to hit a WalMart between stops. Beyond that, sometimes the artist just flat-out forgets an essential at home, as is often the case for the "Down Home" singer.

Talking to Taste of Country Nights, Allen — whose new Tulip Drive album dropped last Friday — listed the items on his tour rider. "My rider is chill," he says (at about 11Min above). "When I get to a venue, I leave. I'm gone all day. I'm bowling. I'm either bowling or at a casino."

"I do have American Eagle underwear, nine inches, size medium because I like the long ones. Nike socks. Grizzly Wintergreen pouches and longcut. Honey Bee graham crackers ..."

There's more, like Pop-Tarts, sparkling Martinelli's apple juice ("I've seen people skip out on rent to buy Martinelli's apple juice") and Smartwater, but you might have tilted your head when he mentioned the underwear. Allen explains:

"I like to wear brand new underwear when I go on stage. It's just something that feels good," he says. "And I always forget underwear and socks. Always. Those are things you always forget. Last thing I wanna be on stage with leather pants on without underwear. It's just not comfortable."

During the full interview, Allen goes a little deeper into the emotions behind songs including "You Won't Be Alone" and "Broken Hearted" on Tulip Drive, and he explains why he wasn't surprised to find himself recording a duet with Jennifer Lopez.

The Denim & Rhinestones Tour begins on Oct. 15. Allen's staying busy playing festivals nationwide until then.

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