On May 27, 2021, Jimmie Allen married his longtime love, Alexis Gale — or so we thought.

Though it's true that the couple held a wedding ceremony on that day, Gale reveals in an interview with People that the pair have actually been married since June of 2020.

"We haven’t officially announced this, but we’ve actually been married for a year," she dishes. "We got married on his birthday — June 18 — last year."

This was only shortly after the birth of the couple's first child together, Naomi Bette, in March of 2020. Allen has an older child, son Aadyn, from a previous relationship, and he and Gale have another baby girl on the way.

Gale seemed genuinely happy to be able to get the secret off of her chest. "Actually publicly being Mr. and Mrs. has been really exciting," the not-so-newlywed admits.

Their recent wedding day celebration has returned the two to the exciting first feelings that marriage brings. "I thought it was going to be the same," she explains of her relationship with Allen, "but I feel like it’s a new honeymoon stage for us."

For Gale, it was the simple things that made all the difference when it was finally time for their marriage to be public knowledge, following their late spring wedding ceremony. "We get to wear our rings out in public," she gushes.

The couple did not spill any details on what their 2020 wedding day was like, though if it was a quiet, private ceremony, the star-studded celebratory bash they recently enjoyed certainly made up for it.

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