Jason Aldean "Got What I Got" reaffirms the singer's commitment to bending the country music genre. The R&B inspired love song from his 9 album is a slow burner meant to reaffirm to his lover that he's more than content to settle in next to her.

"Got What I Got" is a low energy, narrative vocal with thinner production than his previous mixes of country and R&B (see "Burnin' It Down" and "You Make It Easy"). The song is one half of a conversation between a man trying to calm his wife or girlfriend's anxieties and a woman feeling momentarily unworthy. Acoustic guitar and drums tug at the song's bow to keep it aimed at the country music audience.

This Thomas Archer, Alex Palmer and Michael Tyler-written song was announced as a new radio single one day after Aldean celebrated five years of marriage with Brittany Aldean. While coincidental, the two events are related. It wasn't until Aldean started seeing Brittany that he started to let his R&B and hip-hop influences show on his albums. Now fans can count on a couple on each record.

It's no coincidence that the 31-year-old prefers this kind of song from her man. Aldean even says "Got What I Got" is one of her favorites (see the interview below).

Did You Know?: "Blame It on You" is another song from 9 that Brittany Aldean loves. She wasn't a big fan of "We Back."

Jason Aldean Says This New Song Is Wife-Approved: 

Jason Aldean's "Got What I Got" Lyrics:

She said, baby, do you ever miss bein' alone / I said, hell no, I don't / She said, do you really think I'm where you belong / I said, you know and I know / You're perfect for me / Everything I'll ever need / I ain't playin’, what I'm sayin’.

When I got what I got, I don't miss what I had / The old me before you belongs to the past / In the back of your mind, you might think there's somethin' more I want / But when I got what I got, girl, I don’t.

I said, baby, do you know you sound a little crazy / When you're talkin' like that, girl / Ain't no second thoughts, no regrets, no kinda maybe / No wishin' I turned back / Before you came along, I could go on and on / Girl, just kiss me, You're all that I want.

Repeat Chorus

Guitar Solo

She said, baby, do you ever miss bein' alone / I said, hell no, I don’t.

Repeat Chorus

No, I don't / No, I don’t / When I got what I got, girl, I don’t.

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