I am deathly afraid of spiders which means I'm also not a big fan of webs. Soon, you'll start to see gobs of webs begin to appear in Missouri trees and many fear what they contain.

Soon, you'll start seeing many trees that will suddenly get very webby like this one.

Webs in Missouri trees.

Spoiler Alert - you won't be able to blame these webs on spiders, but they still contain a pest that can be a problem for trees. Many in Missouri will see these webs and immediately start Googling "what spider builds webs in trees".

These Missouri tree pests aren't spiders. They are web-worms. There's good news and bad news from the Missouri Department of Conservation about these web-worms. The bad news is they feed on over 100 different variety of trees and shrubs. The good news is most of the damage they do is temporary and only aesthetic, but not a real tree killer.

The state of Missouri says that you'll start to see these webs in trees starting as early as mid-summer which really isn't that far from now. They'll continue to be a bit of a nuisance through Fall.

Missouri Department of Conservation says that these web-worms are actually good news for birds who feed on the larvae. By the way, removing the nests with brooms won't prevent the web-worms from returning. They are a stubborn bug.

While it's a relief for people like me who dread the thought of tree spiders, the webs still look eerie and many people seriously don't know what is really inside the nests. Mystery solved.

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