The Presidential election is coming up this fall and here in the Land of Lincoln the laws are clear about what you need and don't need to participate in our democracy, here are the alarming details...

According to NBC News, Illinois is one of 10-plus states in the US that DOES NOT require an ID to vote. Illinois is in the NO ID category with states like California, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Oregon, and others.

What is concerning to me is that according to the article, the majority of people support having to show an ID to vote, NBC News says, "Voter ID requirements are not inherently unpopular, and a recent Pew Research Center poll found more than 8 in 10 Americans supported requiring government-issued photo identification for voting." To read more about the voting laws in different states, click here!

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Should Illinois require an ID to vote?

If you are asking me that question, the answer is yes, yes you should have an ID to vote in any state, in any election. I don't see why this is a complicated issue. If you are a citizen it is your job to have an ID and to participate in this democracy. I'm 33 years old, and the first election I was able to vote in was the 2008 Presidential Election, I had just turned 18, and ever since then, I have not missed one election, primary, nothing. Voting is the most American thing you can do in my opinion, it is what made America the greatest country the World has ever seen. Someone, please explain to me why you SHOULDN'T have an ID to vote... Driver's license, passport, real ID, something that shows you are who you are, a legal citizen, and can participate in this democracy.

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