If the elected officials in Illinois care AT ALL about the people who put them in office they will pass House Bill 5852 ASAP. What is House Bill 5852, and why does it need to pass? Here are the details...

According to an article from The Center Square, Lawmakers in Illinois are discussing House Bill 5852 which would put a pause on increasing the gas tax in the Land of Lincoln.

In the article, they say "The gas tax in Illinois is just over 45 cents per gallon and will increase to 47 cents in July...Just six years ago, the gas tax in Illinois was 19 cents per gallon. Now Illinoisans pay the second highest gas taxes in the nation at more than 45 cents behind only California." 6 years ago is when current governor JB Pritzker took office, and the article goes on to mention that people in Illinois are paying almost $200 more a year in gas taxes since Pritzker took office. To read more about this proposal to pause the gas tax increase, click here!

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Please, enough is enough...

We are dying here...I have lived in Illinois my whole life, I'm 33 years old, and it has never been harder to afford to live. These automatic gas tax increases are killing the average Illinoisan, and are the roads better? There has to be a limit, stop the automatic increases. To go from 19 cents a gallon tax in 2018 to 47 cents a gallon tax in 2024 is INSANE... It needs to stop, please actually help the middle-class people who are just trying to live in this state.

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