What can only be described as disturbing... AI was reportedly used to create nude photos of some teenage girls in the Land of Lincoln, the police are now investigating. Here are the details you need to know...

According to an article from CBS News, high school girls in Northern Illinois have contacted authorities after someone used Artificial Intelligence to generate nude images of them based on their innocent photos. According to the report from CBS, there are over 20+ students at this high school in Richmond, Illinois who were part of this attack.

The article goes on to mention how truly disturbing these images are for the girls because they know these images are fake but what about future employers, college admissions, and random people on the internet? To read more about this story, click here!

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This is the World we now live in...

I hate that this is where we are at but alas, this is the World we now live in... My heart breaks for these young women, kids... KIDS who are being taken advantage of and these AI companies that allow their AI to doctor images like this should be shut down, pay a massive fine and be reprimanded ASAP. I understand with things like OnlyFans and other sites nudity is something adults can share and make money off of and that is fine, but these are KIDS, and they are being subjected to this because of these AI companies. I hope they find the person who used the AI to doctor these images and throw the book at them, and I hope truly, the AI companies are found at fault as well. No pervert should be able to go on an AI site and doctor images of children to make them nude or sexualized, it's disgusting. Sadly, I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg with AI...

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