I argued with myself over this issue, but I'm fairly certain that I have reached my conclusion about what the best season in Missouri is. It's Fall and I'm also pretty sure that you will never be able to change my mind and I'll explain why.

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For the record, Fall begins in Missouri during the overnight hours (around 1:50am) on Saturday, September 23, 2023 according to Farmer's Almanac. Now, let's explore my theory that we're about to begin the best season ever.

I used to think Spring was my favorite season. After a long winter of dealing with driving on slick roads and shoveling snow, there are few things more enjoyable than the gradual warmup that is synonymous with Spring. I am still in the "Spring is Great" camp. But...

Why has Fall become my favorite season in Missouri?

Here's why Fall surpassed Spring (in my opinion anyway). I can sum it up in one word:


While I enjoy the warming temperatures of Spring, that change of season brings with it lots and lots of severe storms. What I don't enjoy is picking up limbs that have been blown off my trees every time a Spring storm rolls through. Many years ago a tornado quite literally cruised down the street I live on, too. Maybe reliving the worst scenes of Twister isn't enjoyable after all.

This Fall especially in Missouri will be a relief. After a blistering (literally) hot summer, getting a break from the triple digit temps will remind me once again why Fall is the best Missouri season. Add the color change of the leaves to that equation and it's a slam dunk...and no one can change my mind.

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