You'll hear many creatures in the Missouri woods especially at night. A man who just bought a property in the northern part of the state told a story about how he heard coyotes howl one night and that was not unexpected. What he did not expect was what he heard howl back.

I always put more faith and credibility when an eyewitness to something strange in Missouri is willing to put his name and face behind a tale. That's what David did when he shared what happened when he bought a remote place in northern Missouri with the Mysteries Unknown YouTube Channel.

Mysteries Unknown via YouTube
Mysteries Unknown via YouTube

I would recommend watching the video of David's interview so you can hear him describe what he experienced himself, but I'll give you the short version. David bought his place in northern Missouri in 2012 and almost immediately started having unusual experiences with creatures he did not know were common on the property. Here's a snippet of what David described one night when he heard coyotes howl and 'something' answered them.

David - "Over time, I'd hear all kinds of weird stuff. You'd hear them'd hear tree knocking...then you'd hear something howling with the coyotes that wasn't a coyote that would get them all going."

David also heard something mimicking birds. He knew something strange was going on when he started hearing crows and owls at the same time which is not common.

David - "Crows and owls don't get along. When it's dark, crows don't make noise because if they do, an owl can see in the dark and he'll will kill the crow...we've got calls that are morphing from owls to crow...then they almost sound like an excited chimpanzee kind of noise".

David's testimony about what he experienced near his northern Missouri place is fascinating. He doesn't appear fearful about whatever it is that is on his land. He's almost accepted that whatever creature is there is a part of that country. There's no doubt that there are strange things in the Missouri woods.

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