I don't want this to sound weird, but I am a big fan of squirrels. They are entertaining creatures that appear to have a sense of humor, too. It's true that Missouri has a very high squirrel-to-human ratio, but you should see our neighbors in Kansas.

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I found this fun squirrel-to-human ratio map on Reddit and you'll see that Missouri's is very high. But, boy oh boy, look at the bright red ratio in Kansas.

Squirrel to Human Ratio by State [OC]
byu/Dremarious indataisbeautiful

If you had asked me before I saw that map, I would have guessed that Missouri would have a much higher squirrel-to-human ratio than those Jayhawk people. Think about it. Last time you drove across Kansas, how many trees did you see? That's my point exactly.

But, there's one factor that I didn't consider and that's the amount of humans in both states. During the most recent census a few years ago, Missouri had a population of 6.168 million. Kansas had only 2.935 million. Even with my admittedly limited math skills, Kansas needs way fewer squirrels than Missouri to have a higher squirrel-to-human ratio.

It's not like this newly-learned fact changes anything. But, if nothing else it gives Mizzou fans at Kansas basketball games more fun facts we can hurl at them to try and intimidate their vastly inferior teams.

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