I did not expect this at all. Despite perceptions about housing challenges in St. Louis, Missouri, the big city suddenly is ranked near the top in one very important housing statistic.

When you think of housing in St. Louis, what comes to mind? I'll go first. My perception is that there are a lot of renters and the cost is high. I would also guess that availability on good places to rent or buy would be low. Guess what? I have learned I'm very wrong and that's a good thing.

There's a new ranking from 24/7 Wall St regarding cities where the highest percentage of people own their homes. Guess which city is nearly at the top? That's right. St. Louis, Missouri ranked 4th among metros in America where nearly 70% of the residents own their own homes. I'm perplexed and glad to be wrong.

The exact number shared is the 69.67% of St. Louis, Missouri people own their homes. It says the Gateway City has 1,168,546 housing units. This is where me being perplexed begins. At last census, St. Louis, Missouri had a population of 293,310. How are there more than a million homes? That obviously must include apartments. Duh. Perhaps they're even counting bikes? I'm just guessing at this point, but the numbers don't add up for me. I'm also not a math genius, so I'll trust the people behind this ranking know more than me. (Editor's Note: good assumption)

Take a look at this ranking and see if you believe what you're seeing about St. Louis.

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