In case you didn't know somehow, Missouri and Illinois are located next to each other and I can prove it with a map. The reason I bring this up is there's a new forecast from Farmer's Almanac that claims Missouri and Illinois will have the complete opposite types of summer and it makes no sense to me.

I always laugh when I see someone predict that summer will be hot in Missouri. Duh. But, it's a bit of a surprise that the brand new summer 2024 forecast from Farmer's Almanac claims the heat will stop at the Mississippi River as Illinois is in for a chill (allegedly).

Infographic, Farmer's Almanac
Infographic, Farmer's Almanac

I'm no weather genius, but how do you get a big cool and rainy 'L' over Illinois anyway? There are many weather things I don't fully understand, so perhaps there's a mysterious 'L' front that will revolutionize Illinois weather this summer. (Note: If I see a big 'L' in the sky, I promise to update this article)

In defense of Farmer's Almanac, they've been doing these annual summer forecasts longer than I've been alive (Editor's Note: that's remarkable) and they do have a pretty good track record for being right. In this case, will Missouri be hot this summer? Almost certainly and that's not breaking news. But, will Illinois really be rainy and cool? This is me doubting it seriously, but time will tell.

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