Is E.T. phoning home? I'm asking this question because a bizarre orb has been captured on video over Skokie, Illinois and I can't figure out what exactly I'm seeing.

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I don't know any backstory on this video just shared to YouTube as a short. All I know from the description is it's a strange orb that appears from behind the clouds and it happened recently over Skokie, Illinois.

I was convinced that someone had just captured video of the moon until I saw whatever this is seeming to emit light from at least 6 different places.

I was certain that it was just the moon reacting to a camera in a weird way, but now I'm not so sure. There are just so many questions. I'll start with a few on my mind.

1. What time and date was this video captured? That would help us know where the moon would have been and had data to compare to.

2. How much zoom was used on the camera. I can't tell if this is a small object that's being zoomed in on or what.

3. How close were they to Lake Michigan when they captured video of this object? Could we be seeing lake effects?

For what it's worth, here's another strange sky sight over Illinois that was shared around the same time from a different place.

When in doubt, I go with the simplest explanation which would be the moon appearing strange through a camera. But, it could be something else. Hopefully the person who captured the video will add additional details to help determine what it is we're seeing in the skies over Skokie, Illinois.

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