It takes a special kind of devotion to commit your life to helping rescue native animals that are in distress. That's been the mission statement for a Missouri place that has been rescuing and rehabilitating animals for 43 years.

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The Wildlife Rescue Center in Ballwin, Missouri is a special place. They've been a sanctuary for animals in jeopardy since 1979 according to their website. That includes raccoons, possums that have been orphaned and rabbits. Lots and lots of rabbits.

If you see an organization like this and think "wow, I'd love to help", it looks like the Wildlife Rescue Center offers lots of opportunities to get involved. In the video feature, they mentioned that they accept Spring and Fall interns. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a vet or working with some animals in the future professionally, perhaps this rescue center might be where you could get some experience.

We have possums that regularly stroll by the home we're living in and tons of birds, too. That's one of the reasons why this topic became an issue of discussion. What happens to wild animals that are injured other than just the strongest surviving in the wild? This Ballwin, Missouri place is one of those answers now.

NINE PBS via YouTube
NINE PBS via YouTube

This is definitely a place I'd recommend learning more about. It's good to know when you've got people working so hard to make sure the nature around us remains a great place to be. The Wildlife Rescue Center website has lots more info on what they're all about.

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