I can't even...imagine. Couple questions before I begin. Are you a fan of ice cream? Sure you are. Also a fan of ranch salad dressing? Probably? Put your hands together as those two worlds of tastes are combining and they're on their way to Missouri retail locations.

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I double-checked and it's not April Fool's Day. Nope. This is a real thing just announced by Hidden Valley on Instagram. I've confirmed it's heading to Missouri retailers including Walmart and that has the Missouri sub-Reddit on fire with thoughts.

What does ranch dressing ice cream taste like? Wonder now more as Food and Wine on TikTok has you covered.

@foodandwine #ranchflavored ice cream from @vanleeuwenicecream is here. Do we love it? Do we hate it? Are we upset? 🎥: @merlegrace @travelingnewyorker @aioliali @ameliarampe #hiddenvalleyranch #weirdicecream #weirddessert #fyp ♬ Old Disney Swing Jazz - Nico

This new ranch dressing ice cream flavor has created such an uproar even USA Today has reached out to make sure it's true. It is. I've also confirmed it via a press release straight from the horse's mouth.

Would you partake of ranch dressing ice cream if given the chance? Looks like you'll have that opportunity soon enough as Missouri stores should have them soon if not already.

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