One of your favorite candies could be in jeopardy. There has been a movement to ban it because of an ingredient that has been connected to cancer, but will Peeps really be banned in Missouri and other states in 2024? There is an update.

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This battle has been going on for years, but really reached a zenith during spring of 2023 when Consumer Reports called out Peeps Easter candy for having Red Dye #3. They said they delivered "35,000 petition signatures to FDA calling for ban of dangerous food chemical"

The potential ban on Peeps became even more real when California passed a ban on the ingredient in October.


It appears there's good news on the Peeps front as Consumer Reports says the manufacturer of the candy has just announced they are removing Red Dye 3. Here's the statement they shared:

For Easter 2024, of all our PEEPS® offerings, two colors will contain Red #3 – Pink and Lavender. All Just Born products, including Pink and Lavender PEEPS®, comply with FDA guidelines and use only FD&C certified color. HOT TAMALES® no longer contains Red #3. You will begin to see the updated ingredient list on store shelves in the coming months.

Whew. That was a close one. You would have to guess that with those questionable ingredients removed, Peeps should be in the clear for awhile at least. Others might still be in jeopardy though. Center for Science in the Public Interest says "Dubble Bubble" and some brands of Candy Corn still contain Red Dye 3. Pez is also mentioned as a culprit.

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