I have driven these Missouri roadways so many times in my life, I completely understand why a new national survey has declared them among the 'most loathed' in America. Been there and done that.

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This is no sample size either. A Volvo dealer asked more than 3,000 drivers which highways and byways they "loathe" the most. The word "loathe" is key as the exact definition is "feel intense dislike or disgust for". When partnered with these Missouri roads, that's an accurate emotion.

Here are the two Missouri roads mentioned more than any others and the reason given:

  • I-70: Particularly between Kansas City and St. Louis, this interstate often has traffic issues.
  • I-64/US-40: Especially around St. Louis, this road can be a source of traffic complaints.

Let me pile on with my own reasons why these Missouri interstates are gnarly. They both have an unusual amount of potholes considering they are INTERSTATES. ALL CAPS because it really sucks when your tires hit these endless concrete abysses doing 70 mph.

I can also blame my disdain on I-70 specifically because of how many times I've driven across Kansas on it. (*shudder*)

I-64/US-40 is mega-irritating when trying to navigate into downtown St. Louis for Cardinals games. I'll also add that the crowd that frequents 64/40 between Chesterfield and St. Louis proper have especially bad attitudes. Perhaps we should blame the drivers and not the roads?

Oh, wait. Let's blame both. 

For the record, a couple of Illinois roadways got mentioned as "loathed", too. Check out the full survey to see the naughty road list.

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