I like pizza. Like you probably do, I eat a lot of pizza. I have eaten a lot of pizza in Missouri, but I've never ever heard of the place which I've learned is the fastest-growing in the state.

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If I asked you to guess about "fast-growing" food places, I'm gonna estimate that you might mention What-A-Burger, In-N-Out or any number of very fashionable brands that are definitely growing quickly, but they're not number one based on data.

Investopedia lists the fastest-growing food places in America and #1 on their list also happens to have a zillion (slight exaggeration) Missouri locations.

Mashed via YouTube
Mashed via YouTube

It's Mod Pizza. Never heard of it? Neither had I, but it's all over Missouri. I have counted at least 17 Mod Pizzas in Missouri and I may have missed some.

What's so different about Mod Pizza and why do they seem to be flourishing in Missouri? The Mashed video says they never charge for additional toppings so you always know what you're going to pay. As a budget-conscious (my family calls it "penny pinching") dad, that's a big plus.

I have never met a pizza I didn't like, but it seems like Mod Pizza may be onto something that sets it apart from the bigger chains. With the a reported sales growth of over 44% according to Investipedia, they may be one of the big boys soon, too.

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Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

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