Considering how many trees you'll find in Missouri, to say that one is the tallest is quite a statement. There is one massive oak in the Show Me State that has been recognized as the grandest of them all and it's a 400-year-old treasure.

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This could easily become a question in Trivial Pursuit someday. The tallest tree in Missouri is appropriate referred to as "The Big Tree". It's located near Columbia, Missouri in Boone County or I should say "over" Boone County 89 feet in the air. The Missouri Department of Conservation has officially recognized it as the grandest tree in the state.

How old is The Big Tree?

Here's a startling fact as confirmed by Wikipedia. When the Lewis & Clark Expedition passed by The Big Tree in 1804, it was already 200 years old. That's a crazy historical number.

The Big Tree got quite a scare back in 2020 as it took a direct lightning hit that had to be extinguished by the local fire department, but even massive electric shock from nature couldn't take down Missouri's tallest tree.

This massive bur oak has seen better days, but still stands as of this writing and maintains its title as the biggest tree in Missouri. Just imagine all the Missouri and American history that this old oak has witnessed over the centuries.

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