When most of us imagine a worst-case scenario where Russia decides to attack America, the only time Missouri is involved is if they go after military bases like Whiteman or Fort Leonard Wood. Did you know that even Missouri's small town water towers are at risk from Russian attacks thousands of miles away and they're not using missiles.

If you think I've been watching too many apocalyptic movies and am imagining this, you should see what Yahoo News just shared. It's a report from Business Insider that tells the story of how a water tower in a small Texas town started leaking and they couldn't figure out why.

This is the Muleshoe, Texas water tower. Muleshoe is a town of just over 5,000 residents, by the way.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

That water tower started leaking with mammoth amounts of water cascading to the ground. Fortunately, the authorities were able to stop it within hours, but there's a bigger issue at work here - who caused this water tower to leak.

The Yahoo News report says it was an attack by hackers connected with the Russian spy agency, GRU. Could this attack happen to a water tower in small Missouri towns just like it did in Texas? Absolutely and that's terrifying. 

What happened in Muleshoe, Texas could happen in Anytown, Missouri and that's what has the feds alarmed. Does this signal a new more villainous era when international hackers start going after American infrastructure and vital water supplies? It appears that has already begun and it's a battle that could even affect small town Missouri. 

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