Not all heroes wear capes. Some slowly slide across an icy lake with a ladder to rescue a deer just like some Missouri firefighters just did.

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This close encounter of the deer kind just happened a few days ago as shared by the Gravois Fire Protection District on Facebook. As they tell the story, the deer is named Randy (named after the fact I'm told) who got himself into a bad situation on a frozen lake which he was unable to escape from. That's when the Missouri firefighters came to the rescue.

The Gravois Fire Protection District's motto is "whatever it takes". When it comes to rescuing Randy the deer, that meant carefully navigating a frozen lake with a ladder without falling in themselves.

Side note: after reading through some of the comments, it appears a Good Samaritan was the one who saw this struggling deer and called the firefighters. Comments on her page were advising her to put it out of its misery (thanks for being you, internet). Fortunately, she did the right thing and called the pros who were able to get Randy the deer rescued. Reports say he was uninjured and was released back into the woods to do deer things. Well done Good Samaritan who called and the Gravois Fire Protection District.

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