For obvious reasons, this county in Missouri isn't sharing many details, but we do know that it's under a systems lockdown after a vicious ransomware attack went after their computers and its records.

I saw this report on the Missouri sub-Reddit and Bleeping Computer about what just happened to Jackson County, Missouri. Both pointed to a share on X (aka Twitter) from Jackson County, Missouri where they revealed their computer systems had been compromised.

They are assuring citizens in Jackson County that their marriage, tax, real estate and other property records have not been compromised. The good news appears to be that Jackson County doesn't keep payment information from residents on their local machines, but those transactions are handled by a third-party company who were not affected by the ransomware attack.

"No customer data...has been compromised".

From the multiple reports about the incident, it appears that Jackson County, Missouri systems will be offline and unavailable for the foreseeable while they work with the FBI and Homeland Security to deal with the breach and figure out how to securely restore their systems access.

This ransomware attack appears to have affected more than 700,000 residents in Jackson County, Missouri according to the most recent census.

As this is a developing story, it will be updated once new information is released. You can also follow Jackson County, Missouri on X for further updates and background on what happened and how they're dealing with it.

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