I always assumed when I saw a home with a star on it that it was just for decoration. I am apparently wrong in many cases as some Wisconsin homes that display stars are sometimes trying to communicate a deeper meaning.

My parents used to have a big "H" made of metal they would hang in our main living room which obviously made sense considering our last name is Holliday. My simple mind has a hard time understanding that some families in Wisconsin put stars on the front of their homes because they're representing something.

According to what I've learned, a star on a home dates back to the early days of Pennsylvania when the Dutch were expressing their freedom from former religious persecution.

I have friends in Wisconsin who proudly display a star on their home as a symbol that they or someone in their family served in the United States military. That is certainly one of the most honorable reasons.

I've also heard it said that a star on a home was believed to bring the home owner good luck, but I don't know anyone that really believes that. Yahoo Life claims in some circles the star on a home meant the couple inside were "swingers". Ew.

There is that other possibility...that it has no meaning at all and is only meant as a nice decoration. Even no meaning has some meaning when you think about it like that.

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