I am still asking myself how this is possible. There's a video that appears to show a real black wolf near the Kansas City area. I've narrowed this down to a couple of possibilities and have the video you can watch and decide for yourself.

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I'm not certain on the date of when this video was captured, but I have reason to believe that it was early in 2022. The video title says "North American black wolf in Kansas", but from what I've seen it appears this was not far from the Kansas City area. I reserve the right to be wrong. No matter, this is amazing proof of wolves in eastern Kansas.

WARNING: Some very NSFW language in this video.

I checked the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks website and it's entirely possible this really was a wolf. However, I don't think that's the most likely answer. If I had to guess, I'd say this beautiful animal is a wolf-hybrid. Pets on Mom says that Kansas treats wolf-hybrids as domestic animals.

There is also evidence of wolf hybrids in eastern Kansas as KAKE reported last year that 17 dogs including wolf-hybrids were seized from a home in that area not far from Kansas City. The animal in the man's video does not appear to be wild to me. A real black wolf would be much less comfortable around people. This big boy halfway acts like he wouldn't mind being petted. It is a very compelling video of what's possible in the western part of Missouri and eastern areas of Kansas though. The dog you see might very well have some wolf blood.

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