I have fished much of my life in Missouri and I'll never forget the first time I came across a large number of fish floating near the shore dead as a door nail. It always made me wonder exactly what in the world would cause so many fish to suddenly go belly up? There is some science at work although there's still an air of uncertainty about it all.

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No, this is not another of my fun conspiracy theories. Fish kills are a real thing and officially acknowledged by the Missouri Department of Conservation. If you've ever been to a Missouri river or lake and saw lots of dead fish in one area, you've witnessed a fish kill and it happens more often than you think.

The Missouri Department of Conservation says they handle hundreds of fish kills every single year.

There is a scientific explanation for most of these large fish dying events. The state of Missouri says they are caused by "caused by natural events like drought, heat, or lake turnover...pollution, chlorinated drinking water, or chemical spills".

This fish kill happened right after an aerator was installed in a pond.

If you see a mass die off of fish, it doesn't (necessarily) mean that the end is near. The state of Missouri would also like you to report it so they can investigate. You can do that quick, free and easy through their online portal.

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