Have you ever asked a question then immediately regretted it? That's exactly what happened to me when I asked Farmer's Almanac when Missouri would see its first real snow of the season. When I got the answer, I was very sorry for the question.

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I want to state from the get-go that I highly doubt this will really happen, but I'm sharing it because I find it interesting. If you go to Farmer's Almanac, it asks you if you'd like to see the 60-day forecast for wherever you are. I unfortunately answered yes and entered Hannibal, Missouri for the location. Here's what it predicted.

Infographic, Farmer's Almanac
Infographic, Farmer's Almanac

It wasn't done either. It claims that after that 2 week period where snow is possible, it will turn bitterly cold by December 1 then there's another prediction of snow the week of December 22, 2023. If you want a white Christmas, you're likely cheering right now.

But, there's good news

Not willing to accept the fate predicted by the Farmer's Almanac, I turned to the National Weather Service in St. Louis. This is their forecast for the next week or so.


Not a snowflake in sight. The NOAA Climate Prediction Center also says that Missouri in general can expect warmer than normal temperatures for the next month and maybe even the entire winter season.

One thing to note. Even though the temperatures have been and still are unseasonably warm, Missouri weather can turn on a dime. It's not beyond impossible that Farmer's Almanac could be right and we could have white stuff falling from the sky by the end of November. Time will tell who's right.

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