I'm confused. Either my two favorite food worlds have collided or I'm delusional (although admittedly both might be true). The internet 'experts' say the best taco in Missouri requires some form of kung fu. I feel like I should break a board right now.

Note: whenever you see the word 'expert', that does not refer to me. Shocking, I know. Normally when I put a quote around a word, I am inferring sarcasm and that's the case with this roundup up of the best tacos in Missouri.

I found this top 10 taco thing on Best Things Missouri (you would think they'd know with a name like that). Among the places on their list is a place in Springfield, Missouri that involves both tacos and kung fu. Go figure. "Asian-infused" tacos that look pretty darn tasty actually.

417 Good Eat’N via YouTube
417 Good Eat’N via YouTube

I don't make it to Springfield, Missouri very often since I don't enjoy the sound of gunfire in my ears, but there is a YouTube channel called 417 Good Eat’N that investigated this kung fu taco theory and came away impressed.

While I'm normally pretty skeptical of anything the internet describes as "the best", I'll give Kung Fu Taco some credit for being original. It's not easy to put a panda on your taco sign and they pulled it off. Next time I'm in southwestern Missouri, perhaps I'll swing by and see if the martial arts makes for good taco eating.

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