So a funny thing happened to a flying squirrel in Alton, Missouri today. Well, maybe funny isn't the right word, but we can all laugh about it now because the squirrel is going to be fine. The little critter found himself in quite a predicament stuck in a Missouri family's birdhouse.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation shared the following cute albeit terrifying in a squirrel kind of way photos shared with them by Patsy Myers in Alton, Missouri.

This little guy/gal (I haven't checked out the squirrel's gender) is a Southern Flying Squirrel according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. In my defense, the official Missouri flying squirrel website (yes there is one) says that boy and girl flying squirrels in Missouri look alike. It also says that they spread out like a kite when they're preparing to fly/float.

The good news is that the Missouri Department of Conservation says this flying squirrel was freed and is fine. Yes, no squirrels were harmed in the making of this fun Missouri birdhouse moment.

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