Lainey Wilson was absolutely stunned after she got pooped on by a bird during her time in Australia.

In a video shared to social media, the country singer looks at her traveling companions in disbelief with the bird's mess on her left shoulder.

"I just got s--t on," she says uncomfortably. "I don't know what to do. I just got s--t all over. Dang."

It's a funny reaction given the fact that Wilson grew up raising horses, which is a messy job.

"In some cultures it's good luck," one of her crew members says, trying to console her.

Why Is Lainey Wilson in Australia?

Wilson is in the Down Under fulfilling the Australian dates of her international tour. During her down time, she ventured out to visit some of the (wild) locals.

Shortly after her bird incident, she experienced the joy of holding a baby koala at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The moment proved to be the perfect pick-me-up after a, well, crappy morning.

"I got s--t on by a bird this morning, but I'm about to hold a koala. Life is good," she says, now in better spirits.

The "Wildflowers and Wild Horses" singer encountered other wildlife including crocodiles, kangaroos and even some more birds during her trip.

Lainey Wilson's Special Australian Sendoff: Keith Urban

Prior to jetting off to across the globe, Wilson was dropped off at the airport by a country music's resident Australian, Keith Urban. The veteran gave her the rundown of what to expect while she was there. Oddly enough, he neglected to warn her about any pooping birds.

The "Country's Cool Again" singer will remain in Oz for a few more days before heading to Europe for a slate of shows in April and May. She'll juggle a few dates back in the States in between her international trips.

These Cute Pics of Lainey Wilson + Devlin Hodges Are Workin' Overtime

Slowly, but surely, Lainey Wilson is becoming more comfortable sharing her relationship with former NFL player Devlin Hodges with the world. Although it's unclear when their romance began, the pair made their first pubic appearance together at the 2023 ACM Awards. Then, they attended the CMA Awards together that fall.

Wilson has spoken very little about Hodges, but she did share that she's not afraid to put him to work around her home in Nashville.

"I put him to work," Wilson told Taste of Country ahead of the 2023 CMA Awards. "Look, he's got a long list of things. I'm like, 'Take the trash out, mow the yard, do something with the flower beds, feed the dogs.'"

One things is for sure, these two make an adorable couple.