I saw some pretty interesting rooms when I was looking for a new house a few years ago, but this tops all of that.

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One of my favorite pages to follow ton Facebook is Zillow Gone Wild, they are always posted outrageous homes, over the top rooms, and unique features of homes all over the world, but when they posted this picture, I was taken back a little. You can see that the ENTIRE bathroom is carpeted, I mean who does this? Who puts carpet in a bathroom, especially if you have boys in the home? 

I cringe at this photo just thinking of the stack of germs on that carpet, and who knows what else is deep within that carpet. Just gross! I am such a neat freak that if I would've bought a house with carpet in a bathroom, I would have to have someone professional remove it, I honestly don't think I could. Just the thought of touching that carpet grosses me out, let alone walking on it. Gives me the chills.

Also, why are there two tubes? Wouldn't it be better if you just had one giant tub then two small ones? I guess there is one good thing about this bathroom, you wouldn't need any towels you could just roll around on the carpet and get dry. It would save you on water with no extra laundry, so I guess that's a good thing. 

I did have a lot of fun looking at several homes when we were on the search for a new home, it gave me some good ideas on what I wanted and didn't want. This bathroom right here is defiantly a not want, and I would have to gut the whole thing.


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