What makes a state "sinful"? That's a subjective question, but a new survey seems to think that Illinois is much more wicked than Missouri? They have multiple reasons why they believe that's the case.

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There's actually a lot of science in this very recent WalletHub ranking of 2022's Most Sinful States in America. They rank each state by anger, hatred, jealousy, excesses and vices just to name a few. They also included a handy map where you can see Illinois ranked as a top 10 "most sinful" state while Missouri is almost angelic way down at #24.

Source: WalletHub

Let's dig into the numbers. Illinois is ranked high (meaning = not good) for anger, hatred and jealousy while getting good marks for least excesses. (They obviously haven't sat in the bleachers at a Cubs game) For anger and hatred, they factored in FBI numbers for violent crimes in each state. Jealousy is ranked based on thefts.

Does this mean Missouri is completely innocent? Not really. Missouri ended up lower on the "sinful" scale mainly for not being the best or worst in any category.

The lust and greed categories rank the states based on number of casinos (sorry, Nevada) and online searches for "naughty" entertainment. (NOTE: might want to clear your browser history, Illinois)

You can see how all the states ranked in WalletHub's full article. It's an interesting read of how wicked (or not) your state is.

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