With weather patterns changing, more and more violent weather has been damaging different parts of the United States, so could hurricanes in Illinois becomes a possibility?

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Let me just start by saying I am NO expert, I am just a radio guy who has lived my whole life in the Land of Lincoln asking a question, Is Illinois going to continue to be safe from Hurricanes? I only ask the question because it seems as though more and more recently, over the past couple years, there has been a rise in extreme weather across the country, fires all along the west coast and massive flooding on the east coast as we speak.

Well according to weather.gov...

"On occasion, the remnants of a hurricane or tropical storm will track across central or southeast Illinois...For the most part, such tropical systems make landfall in Texas, Louisiana, or Mississippi before moving up through central Illinois..."

On the website they show a graph (to see the graph click here!) that does a really good job of showing you where these hurricanes have hit, and their paths into Illinois. And on almost every single one of these storms by the time they hit Illinois they are considered Tropical Depressions or at worst a Tropical Storm, but even the Tropical Storms don't make it into central or northern Illinois.

Now this doesn't exactly answer the question BUT I would say that it is highly unlikely that a hurricane will hit Illinois as a hurricane storm. Illinois is protected from the oceans by multiple states and hundreds and hundreds of miles, but we saw that horrible land hurricane storm in Iowa last year, so nothing is impossible. Also we here in the Midwest have dealt with Tornados, Severe Thunderstorms, and extreme weather, and we can handle most anything Mother Nature sends our way, but as we have seen the past week with Ida causing massive destruction throughout the gulf we should always respect the dangers of Mother Nature, and just hope a hurricane never makes it way to us.

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