When looking for a home you want everything to be perfect. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need, a large yard to play in, and a big kitchen to entertain. You ask those questions when looking, but have you ever thought about asking if this house is haunted?

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As we get closer and closer to Halloween it got me thinking about haunted houses and then about when selling a home, do you legally have to disclose that the house is haunted?


No law in Missouri says a seller must disclose anything about the house being haunted. In fact, according to Real Estate Laws & Forms, the seller doesn't have to share anything about murder, suicide, or hauntings in the home.

 A seller also must tell the buyer if the property was used for meth production if they are aware of this history, although they do not need to actively research the history of the property. A seller does not need to tell a buyer about murders, suicides, or felonies that occurred on the property.

I find this extremely interesting. That you have to disclose if that home was used in making drugs, but not about death. I would think besides the buyer knowing about important stuff (roof, foundation, etc.) you, as the buyer, would want to know if a murder had taken place or if the house potentially is haunted. Now there are some people out who want to live in a haunted house. That's a no for me! To each their own I guess.

My suggestion, if you're looking for a home and you think it has some sort of vibe to it that gives you the creeps, you might just want to ask and see what your realtor or seller says.

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