Would you ditch the hard plastic Driver's License you keep in your wallet for one that is digital and kept on your phone? Lawmakers in Illinois think this is the way to go, here are the details of their new proposal...

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According to an article from NBC Chicago, you may soon be able to keep your driver's license on your phone! A new bill is in the works and is supported by the Secretary of State that would digitalize your key forms of ID. In the article, they say...

"Under provisions of the bill, all Illinois residents who are eligible to receive a driver’s license or an identification card will be eligible to obtain those documents in an electronic format, and would be able to use them in any situation calling for identification."

If you think this is WILD, you may be surprised to find out that 10 states already allow you to go digital with your ID, Missouri being one of those states according to the article. The article goes on to say IF you show a police officer your ID on your phone it is not then consent for the officer to search your phone, to read more about this proposal, click here!

Would you go digital with your ID?

I can't imagine I would ever want to go digital with my ID...If you are allowed to have a digital copy along with the hard copy then maybe, but if it is a hard copy or digital copy, I think I'll stick with the hard copy. Do you think hard-copy IDs will be a thing of the past soon enough?

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