Greenup, Illinois is in the southeastern part of the state. That's important to remember since there's a video from there showing a man who thinks he's petting a stray that's really a coyote.

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As soon as I saw this shared on Rumble today, I thought the man was just playing a joke. Surely he knows that this "stray" is really a coyote that's ventured onto his porch. However, this is southeastern Illinois where things are done...differently. Watch and see if you think he's aware of the real identity of this animal.

Greenup, Illinois is in Cumberland County. That's not that far from Indiana and Kentucky. I have friends in that area that would likely think coyotes would make great pets. No offense intended. They're wonderful people. It's just that their judgment on animal behavior is questionable sometimes.

Urban Coyote Research has all kinds of recommendations about things you should and shouldn't do with coyotes. Nowhere on their list is there a "pet them with a brush to make them your friend". There's a reason for that.

Since coyotes are known carriers of rabies, I'd be very wary of any one that decided to bare his fangs at me. However, I don't and have never lived in southeastern Illinois. There's a reason for that.

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