Illinois makes history in their public school system by becoming the first state to require teaching Asian-American history, but it wont start being taught this fall.

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According to this past Friday, Illinois made some public school history by becoming the first state to requiring teaching Asian-American history in their schools. In the article from they say...

"Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed a bill on Friday requiring public schools to teach Asian-American history, the first such step by a U.S. state amid rising concerns about violence against people of Asian descent. The bill mandates the teaching of a unit of Asian-American history in public elementary and high schools starting in the 2022-2023 school year."

To read the full article discussing this historic bill signing in Illinois click here!

What is and isn't being taught in our public school systems has always been a hot button topic, everything from teaching evolution in schools to now the very debated critical race theory. People has strong opinions about what should and shouldn't be taught in the public school systems because they pay the taxes that fund those schools, and it's their children who go to the schools and have to learn what is being taught.

Personally I don't have kids and so my opinions on the matter don't carry much weight, but I will say I don't see a problem outright with Illinois making this a mandatory subject to teach. Asian-Americans have helped build this great country and their successes and struggles are something that maybe need more exposure in our school systems. Do you think Illinois got this right by becoming the first state to requiring teaching Asian-American history in public schools?

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