Everywhere I have lived, I would receive a notice in the mail reminding me that my license plate sticker is about to expire. It's not like your drivers license, where the expiration date is typically your birthday. So getting these friendly reminders in the mail is a good thing.

Don't expect to get one in Illinois anymore.

According to a press release, The Illinois Secretary of State's office will no longer mail out vehicle registration renewal reminder notices due to the lack of a state budget.

This move is good for the state coffers, since it will result in the savings of $450,000 per month for the SOS office. But for those of us that are used to receiving a reminder in the mail that our license plate is about to expire, it not such a good thing.

There was a time when most Illinois license plates expired at the end of each year. This ended with the issuance of the 1979 "multi-year" plate, giving motorists the ability to have an entire year with a valid plate, no matter what time of year you registered you vehicle.

Since we are already paying $101 each year to renew these, I wouldn't mind paying an additional $1 to have Jesse White send me a renewal notice. That's a lot less to pay than a late fee, or even worse, a traffic ticket.

So consider this your reminder: your Illinois license plate will expire sometime within the next 12 months. You have been warned.

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