The leaders of the Land of Lincoln are trying to put a new ban on guns in the state, here is how it could impact you...

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According to NBC Chicago, Illinois is banning advertisements for guns marketed to kids and militants. In the article on NBC Chicago, they say...

"Illinois will soon outlaw advertising for firearms that officials determine produces a public safety threat or appeals to children, militants or others who might later use the weapons illegally, as the state continues its quest to curb mass shootings...The prime exhibit in Democratic Attorney General Kwame Raoul's effort is the JR-15, a smaller, lighter version of the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle advertised with the tag line, “Get ’em One Like Yours.” The maker says it is deliberately made smaller, with added safety features, to fit younger shooters as they learn from adults how to safely maneuver such a weapon."

There is pushback on this from pro-gun activists saying that it is going against free speech in this country, to read more about it click here!

Ok so this is obviously a loaded topic but I think I can safely say this...Am I the only one who can say they have NEVER seen a gun advertisement before??? Where on earth is the Attorney General seeing this ad for the JR-15? I had ZERO idea this gun existed. Gun ads aren't on TV, I haven't seen one on the internet or social media when I am scrolling for endless hours, so where are these gun advertisements? I say that because I think we all agree mass shootings are a problem and need to be addressed/stopped, and going after gun advertisements if they were on your tv, or on social media ads, makes sense. But if these are gun advertisements you can only see on a gun at a gun store...well then, what's the point of banning them?

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