People of Illinois we need to be better, we are only hurting ourselves.

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Honestly nobody is perfect, we know this, it's frankly impossible to be perfect. And since we have established that nobody is perfect, it stands to reason we all make mistakes, and have done things that we know we shouldn't have. One of the things that fits into this category of "we shouldn't do this, but we all have" is littering, and even more so specifically littering when we are driving. Well enough people have been littering out of their cars along Illinois roadways that the cost to remove it all is quiet staggering.

According to this article from Illinois had to spend SIX MILLION DOLLARS in 2020 cleaning up litter from the side of the road....In the article they say...

"The $6.1 million IDOT spent last year to pick up litter could pay for resurfacing 30 miles of road or 40 maintenance trucks that could double as snowplows...Litter on the road causes distractions and crashes and workers who have to pick it up are at risk of injury along busy highways... And litter kills plants and animals."

To read the full article about the IDOT spending on cleaning up Illinois roadways click here!

Absolutely absurd...That is so much money we as taxpayers are spending to just pick up the trash that we are dropping ourselves! So I'll make this pledge now to try my absolute best to never liter again, especially when driving, not only because littering is bad but because we need to spend that money fixing our roads!

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