If you're like me, you know the odds of winning the lotto are astronomical, but you still buy a ticket when the jackpot creeps higher and higher, just because it's a buck and it provides a few minutes of entertainment while you fantasize about what you'd do with the money. For Illinois residents, that could end come June 30th.

According to the Sun-Times Media Wire, the Multi-State Lottery Association is wary of the fiscal problems facing the Land of Lincoln. Should a budget not pass, Illinois will be out of the Multi-State Lotto, and we'll have to drive across the bridge to get a ticket. Like we do for gas and cigarettes already. And they sell lotto tickets at those places anyway. I'm not seeing a problem. Not for us on the border, anyway. I feel bad for the dummies who live in Springfield, which is pretty much the geographic center of the state.

What would I do with a lotto win? Pay the debts. Set up some trusts and investments and stuff to keep a steady cash flow coming in. Then buy a boat and be a pirate. The answer is always "be a pirate." Fun, adventurous pirate. Not cutthroat, murderous pirate.

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