I may be the only person alive that is willing to admit this, but I miss school lunches.  There has been a big uproar over the 9-year-old blogger from Scotland who outed her school for the awful lunches they serve.  Martha Payne is her name and she is now helping raise $120,000 for an African school kitchen.  Good for her.  But, count me among the minority that thought school lunches rocked...especially the pudding.

MSNBC.com reported about the uproar on Twitter last week and the followup success that Martha Payne has enjoyed:

Martha's blog, “NeverSeconds,” has drawn attention to the quality of school food offerings, registering more than five million page views and getting the attention of another celebrity chef, Britain’s Jamie Oliver. He helped build the popularity of the blog by tweeting, “Shocking but inspirational blog. Keep going. Big love from Jamie x.”

Before you say it, no I didn't go to school during the era when everyone rode cows to town.  We rode goats.  But, the school lunches during my time were awesome.  Way more awesome than the 5 really bad ideas these About.com ladies have...

We had a word for moms that put avocados on sandwiches: JOYKILLERS!  But, I digress.  I thought lunches were just fine when I was in school and now it looks like the food is even better!  Take a look at this HHS lunch menu from the last week of this past school year.  There's one thing I noticed that we never had back in my day...BREAKFAST.  And, then looking at the rest of the list...popcorn chicken, Domino's Pizza, deli sandwiches...what is there to complain about?  When I was a kid, we had a mystery meat that was some kind of combination of meat loaf, Salisbury steak and horse liver and we liked it!

Do you have a favorite school lunch food that you remember?  Or, any horrific concoctions that defy scientific explanation?  Personally, I think the Hannibal School system did a great job providing good food for kids (when I was a kid).  What say you?

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