It's likely you've heard at least some of the stories of wild west outlaw Jesse James. How he robbed trains and banks and fought Pinkertons. But, have you heard the crazy story of how he's been buried 3 different times in Missouri in 2 different spots?

With Holliday as my real last name, you likely aren't surprised that I find wild west history compelling. That's just one reason I found what happened after Jesse James lived almost as interesting as how he lived. One guy visited Jesse's grave a few months ago and shared the experience:

In this video we visit the grave of Jesse James, the infamous American outlaw. His grave is located in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Kearney, Missouri.

He does a good job of giving some of Jesse's background as he makes his way to the rather simple looking gravestone.

Find a Grave confirms the Kearney, Missouri location of Jesse's current grave, but it also mentions he was originally buried on the James family farm where his mother and brother would charge visitors to see it.

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I mentioned Jesse has been buried 3 different times in 2 different places in Missouri. Here's the order of his being put in the ground.

1. Family plot after he was assassinated by Bob Ford in 1882

2. Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Kearney, Missouri

3. Re-buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Kearney, Missouri in 1995

Why was Jesse buried all over again in 1995? As documents, his body was exhumed in 1995 so DNA tests could confirm that it really was him since many believed he had faked his death to escape the law.

This area is rich with the history of both lawmen and outlaws that crisscrossed Missouri during the days before, during and after the Civil War when many of the legends like Jesse James were born...and buried.

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