I’ve already made my baseball postseason predictions and I’ve posed the question of whether Cardinals fans (my people) should root for the Chicago Cubs—a poll that, as of this writing, is “too close to call”.

But at the risk of becoming a jinx or a curse or a goat or whatever else, I got curious. IF the Cubs do make it to the World Series, how much would a ticket cost?

Now remember, like it or not, the All Star Game still determines home field advantage in the World Series. And since the American League won it this year, Wrigley Field would ONLY see games three, four, and (if necessary) five.

It’s not too late to register to purchase (not win, but purchase) World Series tickets right off of the Cubs official site, but it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that the odds are not in your favor. Still, you wanna take a shot at it? Be my guest.

For everyone else, we have StubHub.

Tickets to Game 3 START OUT at $2,249 for standing room only.

I’ll repeat that.

Two thousand two hundred forty-nine dollars. One ticket. Standing. Room. Only.

You want to actually sit down? You’re looking at a minimum of $2,875 per butt and you’ll be in the rickety nosebleeds of Wrigley in section 534.

A that price, you might as well spend another $125 and sit in the cheapest 200-level seats (section 242) at $3,000 each.

StubHub gives you the option to search by “Best Value” and they’ve assigned that superlative to a couple bullpen box seats at a cool $11,950 each. WHAT A DEAL!!

But let’s get crazy, shall we? This opportunity doesn’t come up often, right? Let’s check out the best seats in the house. That’d be dugout box 22, row C, directly behind home plate. You can do two at $20,000 each or two at $35,000 each.

Now those aren’t TECHNICALLY the most expensive tickets out there, but it gets pretty ridiculous pretty quick. $250,000 for a bleacher seat. Half a mill for the 400 level seats. An even million for seats by the bullpen. I think these are more of “we got our tickets, let’s just see if anyone is crazy enough to bite”. While I don't actually take them seriously, I certainly can't blame them for trying.

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