Following John Prine's death on April 7 of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), his family has been unable to hold a public funeral or memorial service because people are being asked to practice social distancing to stop the spread of the disease. However, his wife Fiona and son Jody are still finding small ways to honor the folk icon's memory.

Fiona, for example, tells Rolling Stone, that she's planning to "wash all of his Cadillacs [and] park them all in the driveway." The couple bought a stunning mansion in the Nashville area in 2018 that both gave them more privacy and gave him more room for his cars, but, Fiona admits, "I would never let him do that."

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Together, Fiona and John Prine had two sons, Tommy and Jack, both born in 1995, 10 months apart. After extending the offer for a number of years, Prine also adopted Fiona's son Jody from a previous relationship, when Jody was in his 20s.

"Even the judge thought it was kind of sweet," says Jody, who works at Prine's Oh Boy Records, of appearing before a judge to complete the adoption process, "because it was just two people deciding they want to be family together."

Prine's family — Jody in particular — is celebrating little moments in the days following the singer-songwriter's death at the age of 73. "That’s what he loves," Jody explains, "like a hot dog. Or an ice cream cone."

"We were having ice cream last night, just thinking about how, after a show, he'd always have ice cream and pretend it was someone's birthday and get a cake," Jody continues.

Prine, Jody adds, "was able to imagine what Heaven would be like just by imagining the parts of his life that he loved. Because, for him, Heaven was not that different from his regular life. And that’s incredible."

Fiona says, in fact, that her late husband's faith sometimes stunned her: "It came as the biggest surprise when I learned about how deep and yet uncomplicated John's faith was in God and the afterlife," she admits.

"[H]e really did believe with no doubt that he would die and he would be in Heaven."

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